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Father’s Day Sermonette, 2024

Updated: Jun 26

I think that for this year‘s Father’s Day I will record a short video sermonette entitled “What is a Father?”, designed to match the most innocuous vapid meaningless sermons about being a father that I have heard in church these many years. It may or may not try to convince you that Jesus was a father figure, when in fact, we know that he was not a father. However, it’s always possible to get at that through the back door with the image of a shepherd, but it’s still not fair. However, stretching some random Bible verse to the breaking point to make your case is Theology 101.

The dads in the congregation will be given a bottle opener with a cross on it if they manage to sit through the entire thing.

It will never ever mention intercourse or sperm, though this could be easily alluded to with the lightning striking the altar of Elijah.

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