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A Rock and Roll Indignity

Updated: May 26, 2023

As a long-time fan of the rock super group

Journey, he had thoroughly intended his last dying words to be an inspirational

'Don't stop...believin - hold on to that.. feelin." Instead they were "Dear God - no!

Aggghhh!' [gurgle].

No one knows what he was seeing in his fever dream, for he was in a rather tidy private hospital room with a pretty nurse at his side. One friend suggested it had been his recurring nightmare to be about to meet Steve Perry backstage but then it end up being Steven Tyler.

In any case they accidentally buried him with a Styx Greatest Hits CD instead of a Journey one, which is sad, because he had been a nice if forgettable guy. They decided not to dig him up just to rectify the indignity because they were too busy. Not a case of too much time on their hands.

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