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Crossing from Cozumel to Playa

Memories I jotted down during the ferry crossing from Cozumel to Playa. Just a scrap of prose with no home:

"Crossing to Playa made me suddenly sad. It reminded of me taking young Scotty to Tulum years ago, and the ferry ride where he saw a whale, or thought he did, and trying to get him out of the heat of treeless Tulum because he was having heat stroke and vomiting up all the water I gave him, so I hustled to a cab back to Playa and paid them double if they promised they had air conditioning. I think I saved his life. And it reminded me of a cruise we took when we were still a little family and baby Susie cried and cried at the rocking of the boat during rough seas during the formal dinner, and all the conscienceless poncy people were looking at us, and either Hillary or I took her back to the cabin."

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