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G. K. Chesterton 

Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity. 

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My writing 

From the banal to the profane, and then to church on Sunday.

Welcome to HawkDocs, a  blog and website for the writings and otherwise odd thoughts of me, Paul Hawkins. I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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It’s True

I have survived 58 years and come no wherever near fame - but I enjoy writing and have created some pretty good stuff. I'm proud of it, anyway, and appreciate the chance to share it.

About Me

I grew up Catholic in fundamentalist Oklahoma where we might as well have been a different species. Also, I grew up in the space age, when they were launching the rockets that put men on the Moon. How has this influenced my writing? I am skeptical but optimistic, guarded but with room for hope if one has the strength of will to stay true to one's convictions and see past the BS.My literary influences are Flannery O’Connor, John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Mark Twain.

Get it while it’s hot, get baptized down at the old creek, just get it. There’s a story among mine that’s right for you. Humor, pathos, bad decisions, heroic feats from the least likely - usually but not always set in rural Oklahoma. 

Somewhere among my works is the right story for you. 

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