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Prometheus Fit to be Tied 

$12.95 paperback 

A dissipated dilettante returns to his small town Oklahoma home on the eve of rural electrification project. Is he there to reform his life, or to dredge up old wounds before the town can move into a bright future, figuratively sealing its past beneath beneath a new man-made lake? And how will a lost love help him change his contemptible self?

Angels and Electrons: A Sub-Suburb Tale

$&.95 paperback Also available as a .99 ebook

Set in the sub-suburbs, where trailer park and white-flight suburb rub elbows, themselves peter out; the white-flight myth of indulgence without responsibility can push its cul-de-sacs no further and collapses upon itself, lost, lost. Property values fall; trailer home and manor home rub elbows; angels, beasts, and men co-mingle, each out of their element. The Sub-Suburbs are the fringe of Being and Becoming, the mundane rediscovering the mysterious; they are often marked by a convenience store standing under the glare of one bare bulb in the middle of nowhere.


Perspectives of a Prairie Catholic: A Miscellany of Mischief: Four Novellas

$7.95 paperbackAlso available as a $1.99 ebook 

Four novellas (and one short story) from the cock-eyed perspective of a space age Catholic growing up in the middle of the wide flat prairie, and thinking that somewhere - maybe out West, maybe back East - they were holding the Fair At The End Of The World, where the colors were brighter and all of your dreams could come true. I call this a sacramental longing. If any theme binds my stories together, this is it. 

A Quiet Place of One’s Own

$5.95 paperbackAlso available as a.99 ebook

Set in 1939 rural Oklahoma, an unsolved murder and a lost love threaten to deprive an eccentric, disquieted widower of the quiet life he seeks. If he resolves the loose ends of an unsatisfactory life, the one thing he desires most may trap him forever - or set him free.

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