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Trying to Sleep in the Hospital: A Rant

OK, one last post for tonight. The subject: trying to sleep in the hospital. First of all the bed is extremely uncomfortable. Second, you have tubes and sensors and redundant sensors attached to you and leading to God knows what machines and what they’re for. Third, you have nurses coming in every hour to take a blood sample or take your temperature, or inject some burning hot liquid into the tube in your arm or some other frivolous activity because they’re going by the book that some bald headed asshole wrote in 1965.

So your challenge is to catch some sleep in one hour intervals, but there’s a catch. Try to turn this way, or that way the least little bit to get comfortable, and one of the damn sensors will disconnect ever so slightly, and a torrent of strident beeping will fill the air in your room. and it will take the tech 10 minutes to come in and address it because the ward is so overcrowded. And when you tell him, for the love of God, just turn the damn thing off, he’ll reply that’s against the rules (from the bald-headed asshole’s book), so you’re stuck with it. so you try to lay as straight as a board, arms and body straight as an arrow praying to God that you can get at least 10 minutes sleep, but you don’t, and the most you have to look forward to is the rising of the life-giving sun and a god-awful hospital breakfast, the mainstay of which is inevitably chocolate pudding.

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