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St Michaelmas Poem

Updated: May 15, 2023

Reworked a little:

St Michaelmas Poem

Reworked a little:

St Michaelmas Poem

on the evening of st michaelmas

the light will cause

a silver stair to greet

the sleeper at his sleeping feet

and guide him to a castle fair

held high upon the silver air

and to a bed to heal and sleep

and dream, St Michael for to keep

protection on our fading days

As Autumn blows and Autumn plays

With stabs of youth, once freed from


St Michael, you were always there,

St Michael you are still here now

to ease our sleep, unknit our brow

to lift the burden of our hearts

to bind our wounds, to heal, remind

us of the love that led us here,

for one another's cross to bear,

with promise of the silver stair

and of God's love, protected sleep

someday to waken in the air,

a world with love as strong as youth

awake from shadows into truth,

as silver spinning stories told,

of silver transformed into gold.

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