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The Rise and Fall of my Tank Scooter

This occurred to me - love you:

Hillary put up with a lot of shit from me. When we were living in Moore 15-20 years ago, I decided I could save money riding to work in Norman on a scooter. Only 10 miles. I’d save on gas!

It soon became my white whale and I had to have one. So I bought a cheap Chinese one from a local tool supply store, so you can be sure it was high quality. The maker was “Tank”.

Well I rode that piece of shit pushing 40 mph to and from Norman with angry SUV moms riding my tail, for several months, then came winter, and it went into the garage, and over those months I realized how nice a car was. I sold the damn gas-leaking thing to a stubborn middle aged lady who paid $500 cash and drove it all the way back to McCloud or Mustang or something, but not Moore.

Hillary put up with that shit. I was an asshole.

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