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Lloyd Jenkins and the Gateway to the Underworld

Lloyd Jenkins found the gateway to the underworld easily enough. It was right there, in the side of a mesa, in the Arizona desert. Apparently it had been there for centuries, left over after an indigenous inhabitant's incredibly powerful spirit walk, fueled on a lot of prayer and peyote. Other people went into the underworld and never came back, but Lloyd went in and out and in again.

The local kids had known about it for some time. Hades had been wondering where all the empty beer bottles in that corner of the underworld were coming from.

But Lloyd had bigger plans. He saw real estate. He had a good ten acres of the underworld platted and staked before Hades got around to checking on that corner of his realm again. Other people came through the doorway to the underworld and never came back out. But Lloyd Jenkins got kicked back out, and then Hades made sure to close off that doorway for good. Lloyd's planned community had gone too far, and Hades had concluded that there was no place in hell for HOAs.

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