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From Adventures in Real Life!: An Incident in Cancun

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Long but true: an experience in Cancun

I want to record this before I forget. Once several years ago I was at the cheapest all inclusive resort in Cancun, but it still had a nice beach with white sand and the turquoise ocean. So anyway, one morning about 10 AM or so I’m out there in the ocean about where the waves come in and break, and so I would stand there and jump up slightly as the waves broke, and then bob back down again.

Well, I looked to the right of me where the string of good hotels began, and about 25 yards to the right was this very pretty red haired-woman with alabaster skin, and she too was jumping up a little as the waves came along, and then bobbing back down as they broke. The difference is that she was topless, and she had really big boobs like grapefruit sized. I kind of noticed this and wondered what was going on. And as we both bobbed she got closer to me and closer to me and I thought, hmm, maybe the waves are carrying her in my direction. So being modest, I stepped aside a few feet, but the waves or whatever kept carry her closer and closer, and the waves kept breaking and her boobs kept bobbing up then down, up then down, kind of hypnotically.

Finally she got very close to me and I wondered if she was turned on by me or was she a prostitute or a fed. I ruled the first option out right away. I wondered what this is all about. I did not stick around to find out except for a long glance back.

In hindsight I have decided she was bait send out by the police to bob in the ocean and pose as a prostitute, because a real prostitute is never that pretty, they always look kind of worn out like a piece of beef jerky. So she was bait. However, she was very very pretty, and, watching her disappear in the distance, down the string of gleaming white hotels, jumping and bobbing, jumping and bobbing, was not that bad of a pastime time. I hope she at least found a conch shell.

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