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Two Nice Reviews of my novel Prometheus Fit to be Tied

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

"If we say that Atticus Finch meets Gatsby in a tale told by L. Frank Baum, it's not to decry the originality of this book, but only to give the reader some idea of what they are in for. There's a sly beguiling slant to the highly entertaining narrative - when you look back, you find you've ended in a different place to where the story seemed to be headed. Deserves a wider audience and makes this reader pleased to discover there are a number of other titles by Mr Hawkins available."


“This is an exceptional novel, full of humor and pathos as well as great characters and a well-constructed plot—some passages were so good that I went back and read them aloud. I believe it stands up to any number of works on the literary fiction best-sellers list. Highly recommended.”


Prometheus Fit to be Tied

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